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The CTAHMP Board of Directors (BOD) is the leadership for the chapter.  The BOD includes four (4) elected positions and four (4) nominated positions.  A list of the current BOD members (including contact information) is included below.


2017 Board of Directors Election

Vice President/President Election Winner:  Jan Marnicki



2011 CTACHMM Board of Directors Election

Vice President/President Election Winner:   Stephanie Kelleher Boyd, CHMM

Secretary Election Winner: Whyndam Abrams, CHMM

2011 Certified Election Results


2010 Certified Election Results

Election Winner: Vice President-Laura Zadrick, CHMM

Election Winner: Treasurer-Stuart Manley, CHMM


Certified 2010 Election Results

CTACHMM Board of Directors

2008 Election Results


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